Special types of phenomena

Special types of phenomena are the so-called rock windows that exist along with the lateral parts of the narrow rocky ridges. Such openings are the result of selective erosion, whereby the softer parts of the rocks degraded faster than the rest of the rock mass. Among the striking shapes that emerged from the denudation processes are the numerous micro-relief forms that appear on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the rocks at Markovi Kuli. The indentations from the upper surface of the rocks are referred to as footprints, pots, and tubs, whereas on the vertical walls of the rocky blocks as a consequence from the selective erosion by the wind and climatic conditions small indentations can be observed known as tafoni. Among the smaller forms – indentations, stone slats, honeycombs or miniature caves, there are also indentations with larger dimensions, gneiss caves or so-called “Podmoli”. The indentations on the horizontal surfaces mainly occur in three transitional forms. At the earliest stage, they form a cup, after which they turn into footprints and pots, and in the final stage, which occurs when the pots merge, tubs are formed.