BEER Festival

“Pivofest” is a tourist event that has a 17-year tradition in Prilep. This fashion show of top beers and barbecue specialties, complemented by the background of selected music brands in the Balkans, is a tourist attraction, which is of interest to fans of this type of parties not only in Macedonia but also in the Balkans. In the last few years, the beginning of the festival coincides with the religious holiday “St. Peter’s Day”, and the event lasts 4 days. It has an excellent attendance. This year, for the first time, the parking space will be charged 50 denars per day or twice the price compared to previous years.
The event is held in the city center, so that traffic during this period is redirected to other major roads, in order to provide a safe pedestrian zone. All public enterprises and other competent institutions are in charge of the safety of food, hygiene, public order and peace, the application of all modern standards for the organization of such entertainment. this party requires a room, a bed more. From the beer and barbecue festival, the Prilep Bazaar has its own benefit.
Welcome to “Pivofest” in Prilep. Taste the famous grilled specialties, refresh yourself with cold beer, and enjoy choosing music songs from this year’s participants.